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Friday, April 9, 2010

Forever love chapter 6

Next day. I wake up and eat some breakfast. After breakfast. I go to the disco. All the admin level are in my disco.

I say: Why you all here?

Saki say: Let see how you manger your place.

*I just walk away*

Sayaka say: HAHA. Walk away.

After I am in the disco. I just look all over the place. After a while. Atsuko come in and she being some lunch for me. I eat the lunch. the lunch is some sushi. i finished it.

Atsuko say: My mom can let me be one of the boss. I manger the transport.

I say: Good for you.

Atsuko say: Why lately you are so cool to me. you don't talk much now. After you do the assassin training.

I say: I really don't know. don't ask please.

*Atsuko exit the disco*

Until the night come. I go into the private room with some girl and drink beer. After a while. I start drinking too much because I think what Atsuko to me today. I start to go hyper. I start go up to a girl and start having sex.

After a while. I stopped it and think what am i doing. i walked out. Suddenly. In the disco have a bomb and banged in the disco. Everyone get hurt a lot. Luckily I am in the really back. I just hurt a little bit. But everyone else hurt a lot. But the most curious thing is all the other gang admin are gone. I wonder is it they do.

I see them come in.

I ask: Did you do that?

Saki say: No. we didn't do that

Sayaka come in and whisper to me: Yeah. we do that. tonight the boss will shout at you. I see it now. You are smart. But not that smart. We think you are.

*I get so mad*

I go back to home. Atsuko's mom call me into the room.

Atsuko's mom ask: Are you hurt?

I say: I am fine. Are you going to shout at me?

Atsuko say: yeah. I am about to. Why you play so much in the room and not check out in the front.

*I didn't answer*

Atsuko's mom say: And no one see the bag. if you are outside. I think you can see it because that spot is not hard to see.

I say: I am sorry.

Atsuko's mom say: i know who do it. It is Sayaka and Saki. I see. i think they don't think you are smart.

I jsut say: i am sorry.

I walk out and feel so mad. Atsuko come in. She tell me don't be mad. I cried a little bit. Then, all sudden my eyes go black.

To be continue

Story: Setsuna
Made up story

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