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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Forever love chapter 5

A day later. I wake up early. Atsuko's mom call me into her room again. I go into her room.

Atsuko's mom say: I will give you some of my place you look after. You will be one of the boss.

I say: I not interested with that. I just want be with Atsuko.

Atsuko's mom say: Don't be like that. if i don't like you. i can tell Atsuko to don't date you.

I say: I will do it.

After that. Atsuko's mom being me to a disco and she tell me I can look after all the disco. She being me up to the big gang boss. She tell everyone that i going to be the boss and She give me some man.

Sayaka say: He look weak. How he enough to be one of us.

I say: I just will do my best.

Saki say: HAHA. you don't look smart

I say: Yeah you are right. So i need to learn.

Erena say: Guys. i think this is the smart boy that Atsuko talk about

Atsuko's mom say: This is him.

Sayaka and Saki say: We will see about that.

*I didn't say anything*

After that. Everyone start showing me around. After a few hour. I start all the disco up.

3 day later. I tell me to stop selling the drug in the disco because the police will check up the disco. 3 hour later. The police check up on us. After that. Atsuko's mom call everyone to the meeting room and Atsuko's mom tell everyone to learn me because I avoid the check up.

Sayaka say: It is just luck.

I say: No because I know lately all the gang are selling the drug so hard and I predict they will come today. So i hide all the drug.

Saki say: I don't think so

*I didn't shout back*

Atsuko's mom say: Stop guys. I think he not lying. He got talent. So please help him.

Sayaka and Saki: Yes ma'am.

*They walked out*

Atsuko's mom say: you did a good job today. I know they are still you are not the kind. who will be a gang boss. But you did good. work hard.

I say: Thanks.

I go back to Atsuko's house and Atsuko cook me some dinner. I eat it.

Atsuko say: How is the dinner.

I say: It is fine. I like it. I am tired and I need to get some sleep.

I take a short bath and I go bed.

To be continue

Story: Setsuna
Made up story

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