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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Forever love chapter 4

Next day. I wake up. Miko cook me some breakfast. I eat some. I start training again.

3 month later. I finish training. I feel like I don't afraid of anything and seem like I lost all my feeling. Atsuko come up to me.

Atsuko say: Hi

I say: Hi

Atsuko ask: What do you think about the training?

I say: it is fine

Atsuko ask: Want me to cook something for you?

I say: No thanks

*A girl come in and say that Atsuko's mom call me into her room*

I go into Atsuko's mom room.

Atsuko's mom say: You training is finish. I have a assault mission for you. First tell me about your feeling?

I say: I don't feel anything.

Atsuko's mom say: That is good. You are a true assassin now.

I ask: What the mission?

Atsuko's mom say: Go to a bar call "Rainbow disco" and snipe their boss down. Their boss name is Mai. Just shot her down. You get your reward. The reward is you can go a trip with Atsuko. Understand?

I say: I understand.

I walked out and go to the gun room. I start packing all the gun in. I packed a sniper, knife and handgun. Atsuko see me. She so worry. She run to her mom room.

Atsuko ask: What did you do to Setsuna?

Her mom say: You should know that a Assassin should have no feeling.

Atsuko ask: Who is he going to kill?

Her mom say: The boss of Uchida clan

Atsuko say: Their place is full of guard. it is hard to do that.

Her mom say: i send back up already.

After that. she go out the room and call every of her troop in and start packing up and back up. If i fail they will back up me.

After a while. i am in "Rainbow disco". I walked up into a tall place and start putting all my sniper in. I aimed by the window. I shot it and I missed the boss head and the other gang start shooting at me. i go down and fight off of the other gang. Suddenly their have a lot of the other gang member get kill and run away.

After i go back to Atsuko's home. I see Atsuko's mom and she tell me I did good. I eat something and sleep in Atsuko room.

To be continue

Story: Setsuna
Made up story

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