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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Forever love chapter 3

Next day. I wake up. Atsuko's mother call me in her room.

Atsuko's mom say: i have a mission for you.

I say: What mission?

Atsuko's mom say: First off. you have to learn how to be a Assassin

I say: No thanks. I not up to that.

Atsuko's mom say: What you afraid of. It time you going to assault people. I will call people back up you.

I say: I don't want to kill people.

Atsuko's mom say: You don't need to afraid. We will teach you how to take off that afraid feeling.

I say: But...

Atsuko's mom say: No more But! Just come with me and start the training

I say: Yes.

After that. She being me to a special room and their have a girl. look really strong and in a black suit. Her name is Miko. She tell me to fight the sand bag first. I start to train. After a hour. I start to fell tired. I cried.

I say: I can't take it anymore

*Miko drag me to the washroom and start hitting me*

Miko say: Just go and try again

*I walked out and start hitting the sand bag*

On other side. Atsuko wake up and ask her mother where is Setsuna

Atsuko say: Where is Setsuna?

Her mom say: I am going to train him to be a Assassin

Atsuko say: What! Why you do that?

Her mom say: He have potential

Atsuko say: Ok. Can i check on him please.

Her mom say: Just see one time. No more after it. He training is 3 month

They go into the training room and see me hitting the bag. I see Atsuko and run over to her. Miko stop me, punched me and tell me to go back to training. After half hour. Atsuko and her mother go out. I still training. After a hour. Miko tell me to eat first. I start the dinner. After 35 minute. I finish the dinner and she tell me to go to sleep first. I take a hot bath and go to sleep.

To be continue

Story: Setsuna
Made up story

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