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Monday, April 5, 2010

Forever love chapter 2

next day. it is weekend. I go over to Atsuko's house. Her mom tell us that we are going to the disco.

I ask: Why are we going to the disco?

*Atsuko asking the same thing too*

Her mom say: You are pretty smart. i just gonig to force you to join the gang.

I say: I don't want to join.

Her mom say: You like my daughter?

I say: yes! of course.

her mom say: my daughter is one of the gang. she will always do bad thing. why don't you join.

I say: Fine. I will join.

*Her mom smile*

After that. We go into the car. After 30 minute. We are in the disco. She being us into a private room. Then, she call some girl to serve me.

I say: i don't need the girl. Can you call them away?

Her mom say: You have to know how to do that seem. you are one of us now.

I say: Please. I don't really like it.

*Atsuko's mom call them away*

Her mom ask: Who is in your family? Where you born?

I say: My family is left only me. My parent died in a car crash 1 year ago. I am born in Tokyo. But I am a mix. My mom is a British and my father is a Japanese.

Her mom say: Poor kid. Why don't you move to our house?

I say: Sure.

After a few hour. We left the disco. We go to my house and get all the stuff. We back to Atsuko's house and put the stuff in Atsuko room. I feel really tired. I don't want dinner. i just go to Atsuko's sleeping room and get some rest.

To be countiune
Story: Setsuna
Made up story

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