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Sunday, April 4, 2010

My princess Saki chapter 10

Next day. We go to check out hollywood. Eveywhere is people cosplaying movie character in the movie. we take picture with them. After a few hour. We go around the whole hollywood. There have a lot of filming in there.

i say: Wow. We take so much picture

Saki say: i know

miyabi say: It is really fun.

We go back to the hotel and check out. We go in to a bus. 30 minute later. I am in the west side of the city and beside the biggest outlet in the LA. We checked in the hotel.

I say: let go grab some dinner.

Mai say: I am hungry.

We go into a resturant. We order some food. 40 minute alter. The food come. We eat it. I really liked the food. It is the food come. We eat it. i really like the food. It is better than the food in Japan. After a half hour. We go to the hotel and get some rest.

To be contiune
Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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