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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Forever Love chapter 1

Hi... My name is Setsuna. I liked a girl in the school. Her name is Atsuko.

One day. I go to school. When is lunch time. I ask Atsuko to eat lunch with me. She say yes. We eat lunch together. We talk a lot. Suddenly. We looked at each other. our face turn red.

I ask: I want to date with you.

*My face turn red*

Atsuko say: I like you too, But my family is one of the strongest Gangster clan in Japan

I say: I don't care because i like you.

* I hugged her*

After school. She being me to her home. She tell everyone that I am her new boyfriend. Then, her mother call me in.

Atsuko's mother say: Why do you like to date my daughter and you know we are gangster?

I say: I know that your family is a gangster clan. I don't care because I love her.

Her mother say: Well... well. what a brave boy.

*I didn't answer back*

Her mother say: Is that your first time dating?

I say: No. this is not my first time.

Her mother say: Ok. you are the first time face a gang boss. you look scaried

I say: Well. yes. this is my first time

*Her mother laughed at me*

Her mother say: I shouldn't laugh at you. you are a normal boy. but you look really smart. what your name?

I say: my name is Setsuna.

Her mother say: So you are that boy that always get 100% in a test.

I ask: How do you know that?

Her mother say: Atsuko always tell about how you get 100%. I think you two will be perfect couple.

I say: thanks.

Her mother say: Why don't you help us. you are a pretty smart boy.

I say: No thanks.

Her mother say: oh well. I can't force you to.

In Atsuko's family. She have 3 sister. She is the youngest. Her father died and just left her mother taking care of everything.

After a hour. We eat dinner. There is soup, meat and some veggie. The food taste good. After the dinner. I go back to my house. After I back to my house. I take a shower and go to sleep

To be countiune
Story: Setsuna
Made up story

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