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Monday, March 15, 2010

Reina the big star

Today is the big day. My first concert is in Nakano Sun Plaza. There have a lot of fans check us out. We sing a lot and dance a lot. The Crowd go crazy. They wave and scream a lot. We are playing their latest album. The Crowd sing along. After a hour.We finish the concert. We bow to our fans to say thanks you for coming to the concert.

After the concert. My boss Tsunku say I didn’t dance well. He make me go practice more. Tsunku drag me to the dance practice room and tell me to start practicing. After a while. I tell Tsunku that.

Me say: Please stop the practice. I am getting really tired.

Tsunku say: You can’t stop now. You still need to improve

*Everyone comes in*

Ai say: This practice should be stop. She is getting really tired.

*Eri and Risa help Reina get up*

Tsunku say: I won’t stop this. You can improve this. Your dance and your voice can get me so much money.

JunJun say: You just caring about the money and you push us so hard. I am really mad

Tsunku say: Grrrr. I should not say it.

*LinLin pretend she get a phone to call the police*

Tsunku say: What are you doing!?

LinLin say: I am going phone the police about you are making Reina practice so hard and won’t stop

Tsunku say: Ok I will stop. Please don’t phone the police

All say: Ok.

We all walk out. After that. Me say thanks you to everyone for helping me so much. After, we become really good friend, have a really good career and have a lot of fans.

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