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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My princess Saki Chapter 9

Today it is our big day because we go to LA. First thing. I wake up and I go get ready. I wait for 25 minute. Miyabi's father come to pick me up. In the way. We go to buy some breakfast. But we eat teh breakfast. When we are waiting for the plane. 15 minute later. we are in the airport. We go into our airport to check in. After check in.

I ask: Are we going to the gate to wait for the plane?

Miyabi say: Yes. We are going to teh gate.

We go to the gate. We go in and we go through a lot of checking. 40 minute later. We go to the plane waiting place. We start to eat our breakfast and start eating our breakfast. After 20 minute. We finish our breakfast and we start playing on our Nintendo ds and the game is "Mario party". We play and wait around 2 hour. Then, the plane come and we go into the plane and we wait to take off.

I say: Finally. we get into the plane. I feel so exciting.

Yurina say: I wonder how disneyland look like.

Saki say: I want to check out hollywood and get autograph from the star.

I say: I want to go to the big autlet so much

*We laughed so hard*

30 minute. The plane take off. When we in the sky. I see the whole Tokyo. I think is really beautiful. Then, The plane settled. we take off our sit belt and start playing again. 3 hour and a half hour later. The food come. The food in the plane is really tasty.

I say: The food is so tasty.

Miyabi say: I like the fish.

Maimi say: I like the fish. But I like the beef more.

After we finish the dinner. The sky is dark. I decide to sleep with Saki. I dream about how LA look like because I am really excited about to see the view of LA.

To be conutiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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