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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My princess Saki Chapter 8

Today it is last day of school before summer. After today class. we will go to LA for 1 month with my friend. Well. I really happy about. first thing. I go to eat breakfast. After breakfast. Saki come to pick me up. we start walking to school. After 20 minute. we arrive to school. Today we just ahve class for 2 hour. We jsut do some clean up and stuff. 2 hour later. We go home early. Saki and her friend come over to my home and start talking about the plan of LA trip

Saki ask: Where are we going first?

I say: Hollywood and disneyland.

Miyabi say: Good idea.

Maimi say: Going to Los vegas to eat and check out the casino?

Saki say: Nope.We can't gamble.

Maimi say: Ah! Right

After a few hour. We finish discussing. we go to eat something. We go into a sushi resutant. We look at the menu. 5 minute later. we start to order stuff. 15 minute later. The food come. We start eating. It pretty tasty. After we finish the food. We start to talk. After 40 minute. We pay the bill. It coast 25000 yen. We start to walk hom. In the way. I see one of my friend. Her name is Yurina. They say hi to each other.

Yurina say: I heard you are gonig to LA right. Can i come too.

We say: Sure.

Yurina say: i will pack up tonight. When I get home.

After that. We tell them our plane. 15 minute later. We walk home again. 30 minute later. In front of my home. I waved to them and I go back into the home. After I back home. I pack up and go to sleep. I having a good dream and I really exciting about tomorrow.

To be conutiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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