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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My princess saki Chapter 7

Next day. I wake up. Today we have hoilday. So I call Saki to hand out. Saki come to pick me up. We go to a resturant. We order some food. After 20 minute. The food come and we stat eating it. After 30 minute. We finish it.

I ask: Where are we going?

Saki say: Shopping? ok?

I say: Shopping again. Maybe go to Art gallery?

Saki say: ok. sure.

After 30 minute. We arrive to art gallery. We start to watch the art. I see a lot of my favorite Artsits work and I take some note because I really like art. After a while. We finish looking at the art.

I ask: Should we go to eat or just go home?

Saki say: I want to eat with you.

I say: Ok

After that. We go to eat. We go into a nice itailian resturant. We start to look at the menu. After a few minute. We start to order the food. After 15 minute. The food come. We start to eating the food. After 1 hour. We finish eating.

I say: Let go home.

Saki say: Sure.

After that. We start to walk home. After 30 minute, Infront of my house. We say goodbye to each other and I go back into my home. After I go back to the house. I start to taking a bath and go to sleep.

To be conutiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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