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Monday, January 4, 2010

Extreme love 3 chapter 11(End)

Next day. i wake up. They call me into the meeting room. I go in to the room. Hina tell me that she get a plan and finish her's father gang one for all. They tell me after that they will live at noraml people.

I ask: What the plan.

Hina say: I have to tie up you three for fake to able to get close to my father.

I say: Ok

Hina say: This time the whole gang will be fake surrender. The sign is when i shot at my father head and you guy start moving. But i think they will surrender so quickily.

I say: Ok

Hina say: After that. My mom will take care of the two gang.

After that. We tied ourself lossly. After 3 hour. We go into the house. Hina's father really happy about it.

Hina's father say: Well. Well. What we have here.

*Suddenly. Hina being a gun out and shot at her father head*

*The bullet go into his head and he fall down*

*We get up and they all surrender so quickly*

After a few day. We settle Hina's gang and Hina and Ino gang handed to Hina's mother hand. From now on this two gang are together. After the work. We live normally. We buy a house. After a year. I marry to them. After that. we open a book store and I finishing my school. We live happily for ever

The end

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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