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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Extreme love 3 chapter 10

Next day. I wake up. I see Hina is sleep really deep and I see that look and I kinda liked her somehow. I call her to wake up. She wake up. She give me a nice smile. We go to eat breakfast. The breakfast is some fish, rice and soup. I start eating it. It really tasty. After breakfast. Hina's father call Hina to have a talk alone. I wait outside. Suddenly. I see a girl try to talk to me.

I ask: What do you want?

The spy say: I am from other gang. My name is Misaki,

I ask: Should I trust you?

Misaki say: You can trust me. see

I say: Ok! I will trust you this time

Misaki say: We'll find a chance to get out of here.

I say: I have a plan to get out of here without a fight.

Misaki say: That good.

I say: I know Hina really like me. I kind a like her too. I think Sayaka will understand and will accept it. Let those two share me. The plan is make Hina shout with her father and make Hina want to run away with us.

Misaki say: That a pretty good plan.

Suddenly. Hina come out and I see her not happy. I ask what happen. She say she have a shout with him about not involve of the gang war anymore and she say she want to run away from here. Then, We try to sneak out of the us. no one caught us. After a while. They find out. Hina's mom understand it. Hina's father just being so angry. In other side. We run to the ohter gang and we say what happen and they understand it.

Sayaka say: You are a lucky man. Ino, Hina and me will share you.

I say: Eh!? Why ino?

Ino say: I like you seem first time I saw you.

*They hugged me*

After that. Hina's father being his gang to the bar and they shout at each other a little bit and they start to shoot at each other. After a hour. They stopped shooting at each other and go back to the bar. After a while. They cook some food. I start to eat it. After 40 minute. We finish eating.

Hina say: My fatehr won't understand.

Ino say: I think he will understand soon

After that. We go to take a hot bath and go to sleep.

Here is some other fact about ichigo. Ichigo is a half Japanese and half Garmeny. Ichigo live in Berlin until 13. Ichigo is really good at English, japanese and German. Ichigo's father is all Japanese and Ichigo's mom is Half Japanese and Half Garmeny. So I am 1/4 Germany

To be conutiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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