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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Forever love chapter 8

Next day. I wake up. I didn't eat any breakfast because I don't feel really hungry. I just walked out of the house and 15 minute later. i am in the class. After 3:15pm. we are after school.

I walk to the Disco myself. I see Aiko again.

I ask: What do you want from me again?

Aiko say: I come here to ask you to join us.

*I grab my gun out of the pocket and point at her*

I say: No thanks.

Aiko say: Woohoo. Don't be like that.

I say: Shut up. I will shoot you. if you don't run.

Aiko say: You're subborn.

*Aiko run away*

20 minute later. I am in the disco. I go into the room and start doing my homework. A hour later. I finish all my homework. Today. One of the gang boss have birthday. We have a birthday for her. But in the party. They drink a lot of beer. I just drink some pop and each some junk food.

Ayumi ask: Why do you drink?

I say: I still not 20 yet. So i can't drink.

Ayumi say: You don't need to care about it.

I say: Beer is not for me. Just have fun.

Saki say: Setsuna you are a idiot.

*I didn't answer*

Atsuko say: Can you stop it.

Sayaka say: But he still don't like the life of gang.

Atsuko say: He not like us. He from a clean family.

Atsuko's mom say: She right. Just leave him alone.

Saki and Sayaka say: Yes! Boss.

After the party. I go home. The Maid cook me some dinner and I eat it. It pretty good. After the dinner. I just go to sleep.

To be conutiune

Story: Setsuna
Made up story

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