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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Forever love chapter 9

After a day. I wake up. I go down and eat breakfast. After the breakfast. i go to the main disco. In the disco. I jsut sitting in the room. with some of my man. Suddenly. Auntie call us. I go up to Auntie room.

Auntie ask: How do you think? you want to stay with us?

I say: I think i wills tay for a while more

Auntie say: Good. I have a new job for you

I say: What job?

Auntie say: You go into a Maeda clan disco and assult a girl call Aiko

*I shocked a while*

Auntie say: What happen?

I say: I am fine. I am going now

I back to the house. I pack some gun and go to Maeda's clan disco. I go up the roof. Get my sniper ready. I aim at the windom. But i get find out before. I shoot. All Aiko's man is shooting at me. I jumped down and I start running. her man keep chasing at me and shooting at me. Suddenly. I get shot in the leg. i fall down and I get caught.

Aiko say: I know they will send you here.

I ask: What do mean?

Aiko say: I tell a lie that you have sex with me.

I say: What!? You bustard.

*Aiko punched at my face*

*I fainted*

To be conutiune
Story: Setsuna
Made up story

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