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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shin the Dennou Remoe chapter 10 last chapter~My fan fiction~

This is last chapter talking our band. We decide to make 2 more single and mini-album and make 3 pv. Our min-album is called "Last child" and Mini album is call"Ice-cream ring'

When we release. We get all #1. We go on Hey! jump, Cure and make a big comment about it. Then, We are thinking about new album tracklist and we want to do our best. After 3 week. We finally think out the album tracklist. We start record

After 3 week, Our last album"the alst ASDR". Wen is release we got #1 again. We having our last concert. The hall is totally big and full, we have 40000 people watching us. After that day. Akihbara Sheunendan Dennou Remoe is disband. Now I am in a new band call ViViD. This is end of our story

The End

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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