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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Risa love me chapter 10(End)

Next day. I wake up and I start thinking. I should have with Ai, Risa and Eri. Start a new life. I don’t t want to date three girl in the same time. I tell Ai, Risa and Eri come to the room. They come in.

I say: I decide to break up with you three.

They say: Why?

I say: I don’t want to date three girls at the same time. I new a new life.

They say: ok. Let go for a final date.

After that. We go to shopping. I buy 3 teddy bear. 3 head bang and 3 book for them. They buy but me 1 book. One t-shirt and one pant. I cost 15000 yen. They cost 8000 yen.

After the shopping. We go to watch movie. We watch 4 movie. After that. We go to eat some food. We order the food. 15 minute later. The foods come. After the food. We pay the bill. It cost 20000 yen. After that. I go home start packing up. After I finish pack up.

I say: Thanks you for giving me a good time.

They say: The time go so fast. I guess is time to say good bye.

*My tear come out and hug them*

I walk to the door.

3 year later. I get married. My wife name is “Reina Tanaka”. We have one son and one daughter. One time. We are in the beach. I walk alone and I see Ai, Risa and Eri.

I ask: How are you this 3 year?

They say: We are fine. What about you?

I say: I get married and I get one son and one daughter.

They say: We still single

I say: Why?

They say: I like to be free.

*I give them a soft smile and walk away*

After that. We become really good friend and have a good life

To be continue

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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