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Monday, December 7, 2009

My princess Saki Chapter 1

Hi, My name is Alvin tam. I am 13 year old. I am I grade 8. I like a girl name Saki. She is in grade 10. I know seem I enter the school. I forget to say I am a transfer student from Canada to Japan. I been in Japan for 6 year. I been here seem grade 2. I will tell you the story. How I date Saki

One day. After school. I ask Saki for a date

I ask: Can I have date with me?

Saki say: Ok! Where you want to go?

I say: Go shopping? I pay for you

Saki say: Cool! let go

We go into a mall. Se buy 2 head bang. 1 big teddy bear and 4 concert CD. that cost me 20000 yen. She tell me that sorry to cost me a lot. I answer back "It's okay". After that. we go watch some movie. After the movie.

I ask: Will you be my girlfriend?

*My face go red*

Saki say: Well yes. you can be my boyfriend

*Saki give me a kiss on the face*

After that. We go into a resturant. We order something. 15 minute later. The food come. we start to eat it. After 30 minute. We finish the food. The bill is 7500 yen. After that. I walk Saki to home. In front of Saki House,

*I give a kiss on Saki's lip*

Saki say: See you tomorrow.

*She go back to her house*

I walk back to my house. After that. I do my homework, go take a shower and go to sleep

To be conutiune

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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