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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 14(End)

Next day. I go down eat breakfast. I eat my breakfast. After breakfast. I walk back to the room. There have a strange girl and try to talk to me. I ask her is she trying to talk to me.

I ask: Are you trying to talk to me?

The girl say: My name is Maki. I am from the other gang.

I say: What are you doing here?

Maki say: I am come here to help you. They are waiting for you at the kyoto castle.

After that.we try to sneak out. In outside. Hina find out. We are trying to run

Hina ask: Where are you two going?

Maki say: Crap, they find out.

The guard surround us. I go up to the guard and start fight and Maki help me. I take down around 20 people. We find a way out. We start to run the castle. they chase after us.

Hina say: How do you know Judo?

I turn back and say: I seal my style been 4 year. I use it because I want to be with Sayaka and I am not that useless as you think.

Hina say: you bustard. you are not running away.

We run, run and run. we run to a dead end. I start to fight the guard. Maki help me. I take down around 30 guard and suddenly Hina come up to me and use a fist to hit me. I dodge and hit her back. she dogde too and we start fighting. we fight at least 10 minute.

Maki say: i can't handle it anymore. It is time to finish it.

I use a secret move the master teach me and Hina is down. She fainted. The guard move up and take care of her. After this. we run to the castle. I see Sayaka

I say: Sayaka! I am here.

Sayaka say: I miss you so much

Maki ask: Why did you tell us. you know Judo?

I say: let get out of here. i will explain later.

We go to the airport. we buy the ticket of London, England. The plane take off. we are so happy. After 2 month we buy the house and we own a restaurant. Sayaka is the boss. Suguri and Mai is the chef. Mariko and Maki is the waiter and they support me to go to school.

In the other side. Hina is so angry.

Hina say: I won't lose to Ichigo next time.

*She command the guard to find Ichigo*

Hina say: i won't let you run next time.

The end

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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