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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 13

Next day, I wake up. I go eat breakfast with Hina. I try to eat with my left hand again/ This tiem. i can use it. But I need to eat slowly. I think I can use my left to do anything.

After that. She being me to a shopping mall. She start to shop. She buy 4 head band. 2 for me and 2 for herself. She buy a big teddy bear to give me at a present. She buy some book for me. After that. we go to watch movie. We watch 3 movie. The movie is bad. I don't like it

Hina say: you don't like horror movie?

*I didin't answer*

*Hina laugh at me*

After that. She being me to a ice-cream shop. I order a strawberry ice-cream and she order a blueberry Ice-cream. We start eating it. I think the ice-cream is not that yummy because Sayaka is not beside me.

Hina ask: What are you thinking?

I say: Nothing

Hina say: Miss Sayaka?

*I didn't answer*

After that. She being me to a small park. We start to walk the path. in the park. there have a lot of Sakura. Last time. i see Sakura. I was with Sayaka.After that. We go to eat. in the car.

*I start to think of Morning Musume- Aruituru*

Hina say: Why don't you take to me?

*I didn't answer*

Hina say: Fine.

After that. She being me to a resturant. It is a sushi resturant. We order something. we start eat it. I ear really less. After that. We pay the bill and go back to hotel. After I go back. I take a shower and go to sleep

To be conutiune

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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