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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My girlfreind Erena chapter 18

Next day. I wake up. Today. We plan to go to Koroka and sleep over at Nacchan's house. I guess it will be really fun. I go eat breakfast first. After breakfast. I tell my mom that I have a sleep over at Nacchan's house. I go over to Nacchan house

Nacchan say: Welcome to my house

I say: Your house is really nice. first time in come to your house. Nice house

Nacchan say: Thanks you

In Nacchan's house is full of teddy bear and pink stuff. We get the Koroka and start singing.

We singed a lot of song

we singed
ViViD- Dear
AKB48- Baby! Baby! Baby!
Morning Musume- Shounenganai Yume oibito
Otsuka Ai- Yumekui

After that. we stopped singing. We eat dinner. Nacchan mom cooking for us. 1 hour alter. the dinner come. i eat it. It is really good. after that. i take a shower and go to sleep.

To be conutiune

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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