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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My princess Saki chapter 5

Next day, we go to school. I eat my breakfast first. After that. Saki come to pick me up and we start to walk to school. In the way. We see Miyabi and we walk to school together. 15 minute later. We arrive to class. After 3 class.

*Saki hand me the lunch*

I say: Thanks you

Saki say: you are welcome

*I start eating it*

I say: It really yummy.

After 15 minute. The bell ringed. We go in to the class. After 6 class. It is after school. We decide to go to play tennis with our friend. we go into the court and start playing. After a few game. we finish playing

Miyabi say: Let go to eat?

I say: I am hungry too

*Everyone nobbed*

We go into a France restaurant and we order the food. After 10 minute the food come. We start to eat it. After 30 minute. We finish eating the food. We walk everyone home. In front of my house.

*I kiss Saki on the lip*

I say: See you tomorrow.

Saki say: See you tomorrow too.

After I go back home. I take a shower and go to sleep.

To be continue

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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