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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Extreme love 3 chapter 3

Next day. I wake up. Hina is cooked some breakfast for me and she tell me to brush my teeth. After I brush my teeth. I eat the breakfast. After that. She being to a par. In the par. She being me to a room. She order her bodyguard to being some beer and She start drinking it. Suddenly. She jump on me.

Hina ask: Remember the first time we meet?

*I didn't answer*

She grabbed on my neck and say: Come on baby! Don't be like that!

She start do nasty thing on me. I try to push her away. She just getting nasty. Suddenly. I not be carefully pushed her down. I help her get back up. She get so angry and she start to hit me. After a few minute. She drag me back to the car. But when they go outside at the par. Sayaka being her old gang to rescue me and start to fire at each other. She drag me to the car and her bodyguard protect her to the car. She get on the car and the car open. Then, we get away. In the car...

Hina say: Haha, Sayaka try to rescue you! No way! I won't let her! you just too cute.

*I didn't answer her*

After that. she being me back to the house and we go back inside. Suddenly, She push me to the sofa and tell the guard to watch over me. She go to cook. After 45 minute. She finish cooking. we start to eat. I eat really less. She tell me to eat more. But I can't eat it and I go to watch tv. Then, She walk over to me.

Hina ask: Still angry?

I say: Not really.

After a hour. I finish watching tv and go take a shower. Then, we go to sleep.

To be conutiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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