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Friday, December 18, 2009

Extreme love 3 chapter 4

Next day, I wake up. I eat my breakfast, After the breakfast. She being me to the Airport. I see her buy the ticket to Tokyo again and she tell me that we are going back to Japan. We go on the plane and the plane take off. On the plane. Hina try to talk to me. I didn't answer her. I just sleeping. After 10 hour. we get off the plane. The car take us to Hina's house. We go inside to the house. I see Hina's father.

*Hina's father point a gun in my head*

Hina say: Dad, what are you doing.

Hina's father say: Going to kill him!

Hina say: No! Please

Hina's dad say: But he run away 2 time.

Hina say: Please.

Hina's mom say: This is between him and Hina. we should be in with this

Hina say: Yeah!

Hina's dad say: Okay.

*They walk away*

I see Hina really mad at me. I walk away. Suddenly, Hina point a gun at me. She really mad and she say don't make them disappoint. I say ok! She raise her fist almost hit on me. She calm herself down and she drag me to the home and tell me to sleep. After 3 hour. I wake up.

Hina say: wake up. get ready to eat

*I go to the dinner room*

I see the food, we start to eat. After we finish the dinner. Hina's mom call me

I say: Yes?

Hina's mom say: Can you make her happy? She never find a boy like you

I say: Well. No because I have my love already.

Hina's mom say: I know she is pushing you. but, she really like you. Please you are the only one can make her happy.

I say: I know she a rich people. All rich people are like that.I know how it feel. I am rich before.

Hina's mom say: You were?

I say: Yeah! I come from a rich family. My mom is a famous singer and my dad is professional Go player

Hina's mom say: Why you run away?

I say: It because I liked a punk girl and they don't like it. I run away

Hina's mom say: Okay! But I don't want she run away please. she my only daughter.

I say: Well... I will take the request

Hina's mom say: Thanks you

After that. I take a shower and go to sleep

To be continue

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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