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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Extreme love 3 chapter 5

Next day. Hina call me to wake up. She say she cook some breakfast. I go eat the breakfast. After the breakfast. I see Hina talk in the phone. She tell me to wait. After a while. She come out.

Hina say: i know your background now! You are rich before because you run away from home.

I Say: How do you know that?

Hina say: It because I call people to find your background

I say: you bastard.

Hina say: HAHA, Look like we are the same kind. Why don't you like me

*I didn't answer*

Hina say: I know your father is a professional Go palyer and mother is a famous singer and you are a soloist and professional Go player. Then, You quit the job. If you are good I will get your professional Go player and soloist back.

I say: No thanks

*Hina grab my neck so hard*

Hina say: You have to obey me

I say: No!

*Hina grab me more hard on the neck*

*Hina's mom see this and come*

Hina's mom say: Please stop! You will kill him

*SHe stopped grab my neck*

Hina's mom say: Remember what you promise me

I say: Fine

*Hina's mom walk away*

I say: I am sorry I will help you

Hina say: good boy! you and me can make a strongest gang in the world.

After that. Hina cook thje dinner. After a hour. She finish cooking. It is a really yummy dinner. We start to eat it. Suddenly. Hina's father say I have start to know how to be the boss of the gang and he say I can be the next boss after he die. I say Yessir. After the dinner. I take a shower and go to sleep.

To be contiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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