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Monday, December 14, 2009

My princess Saki Chapter 3

Next day. It is saturday. I called Saki to hand out. Then. I eat my breakfast. After the breakfast. Saki come to my house and pick me up. Later. we go to the beach. In the beach. we watch the sky

I say: The sky is pretty

Saki say: It is really blue. i love it

*We look at the sky for a hour*

After a hour. We go to the shopping mall. we go in and i buy a big teddy bear for Saki, I buy a new phone, 3 shirt, 3 pant and some CD. That costed me 56000 yen. Saki buy a mirror for me, 2 head bang and 4 manga. that cost 25000 yen

Saki say: let go watch movie

I say: Let go

After that. we go to watch movie. We watch 1 movie. The movie is not that good. After the movie. We go to eat something. We go in a ramen resturant. I order a plain ramen and share wuth Saki. After 10 minute. the food come. We start to eating it. After 45 minute. We finish the food. It was yummy. The bill cost 2500 yen. After I pay the bill. We go home. Saki walk me back to home. In front of the house.

*Saki give me a goodbye kiss*

*My face turn so red*

After I go back to the house. I take a shower and go to sleep

To be conutiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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