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Monday, December 14, 2009

My girlfriend Erena chapter 20(End)

Next day. I decide to ask Erena to marry me. First. I go eat breakfast. After the breakfast. I go meet with Erena and friend. We meet up. I tell everyone to see this. I put up a ring and say...

I ask: Will you marry me.

Erena say: Not now. 3 year later. if you still love me.

I say: Okay!!!

All my friend say: I know you two will like each other forever

After that. we keep our relationship to boyfriend and girlfriend. After 3 year. we still really like each other. In the new year era. 12:00 am. I being the ring the out and ask her again.

I say: Will you marry me?

Erena say: Oh yeah! It already 3 year. I think i will say yes this time

I say: yes!

After that. Both family decide our marriage in March. Next 3 month. we prepare the stuff for our marry. On that day. We go into the church. The father say the thing and We both say yes. We exchange the ring and kissed each ohter. In that night in the marry party. we really happy.

After 2 year. We have 1 son and 2 daughter. We take care them and plan the future for them. I love Erena as much as I can. Nacchan don't go crazy for me anymore because he get a boyfriend. After that. We live happily forever

The end

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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