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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Extreme love 3 chapter 1

3 year later. We are in London living peaceful. One day, I go to school at usual. I am in class. Suddenly. The door opened. I see the principal and he look so scared. I see his head have a gun and there have a girl come out. It was Hina. Suddenly. there have a man point a gun at my head.

The man say: please come with me.

The teacher ask: What happen?

Hina say: He is a Traitor. I am here to being him back. That all. If you not come. we will them all

*I walked out of my seat*

I follow Hina to the car. In the car. she put a gun in my head.

She whisper to me: I want to shot you in the head now. But I won't do that. If you want a fight. Let do it. But you will lose.

She being me to a house and She put me in a room and she lock the door. In the room. There have a lot of nasty stuff. they start to climb into my body. I am really scared and I scream and tell them to open it. But Hina say if you obey me. I say to her i will obey her.

*She open the door*

She ask: How is it?

I say: bad.

*She laughed*

In Sayaka side. After they heard the news. they start to find the information about where Ichigo is. They find the place and they call Hina out.

*Hina come out*

Sayaka: Give Ichgio back.

Hina say: No! I am not. He say he will obey me

Sayaka: You bustard. You make him.

Then. they start to fight. After 10 minute. they fight so fiercel. But there still too many of them. They get hurt and they start to run. They throw a smoke bomb and get away. After that. I feel so sad and I go take a shower and go to sleep.

To be continue

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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