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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Extreme love 3 chapter 9

It is a new day. I get up around 12:00 pm. Hina wake up eariler than me. She tell me to eat breakfast. I eat the breakfast. It is pretty good. After breakfast. I go to the book room and start reading some of their collection. Suddenly. Hina's father come in.

Hina's father say: Love my collection?

I say: I really like it. There have all kind of book.

Hina's father say: That good. If you be a good boy. you can read all my book.

I say: Yessir!

Hina's father say: I want a game of Go with you.

*Hina father get the Go board out*

We start to play. We think a lot. But I find out that Hina's father is almost the same level as my father. it is really hard. After 3 hour. I resign becase he too strong. Total 269 move.

Hina's father say: You are pretty strong. Your move really like your father. Your father teach you well.

I say: Thanks you

Hina's father say: I have a feeling you can surpass me and your father. I have high hope on you. You going to be this clan next boss

I say: I not interested to become the boss. I just want a simple and plain life.

Hina's father say: Oh well. I can't force you. Please think about it.

*Hina come in*

Hina ask: What are you two doing?

I say: We just playing a game of Go

Hina say: That good

Hina's father pat on my shoulder and say: I have high hopes on you.

*Hina father walk out*

Hina's mother say: Dinner is ready.

We go to the dinner room and start eating the dinner. After a hour. we finish eating and start to take. We talk a lot of thing. I know more about Hina family and her. But I didn't tak anything about me. After that. I go take a really warm bath and go to get a good night sleep. I get a really good sleep.

To be contiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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