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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Extreme love 3 chapter 8

Next day. I wake up early and I go to the tv room watch tv. After half hour. Hina wake up too. Hina's mother cook the some breakfast for me. After breakfast. Hina say she want to watch some movie. We go to the mall. we go watched 1 movie. It really good.

I say: I really like teh movie

Hina say: Yeah! It is really good because I am with you

*I give her a soft smile*

I ask: you want to go to eat?

Hina say: Sure!!!

We go into a sushi resturant. We look at the menu first. After 5 minute. we start to order. We order some sushi. We waited about 15 minute. The food come and we start eat it. After 30 minute. We finish the food. In the way. I see there have a show going on. I see my mom is the host of the show. That make me think back before the time I run away.

Hina ask: What is it?

*I point my figure at the woman*

Hina say: oh!!! you miss your mom. I will go home with you.

I say: I am fine. I don't want to go home.

Hina say: Ok!!!

After that. we go home. I am so tired. I take a hot shower and go to sleep. I have a good dream. I dream about I go home with Sayaka, my mom happy about it, marry her and have a family. Make me have a good sleep.

To be contiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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