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Monday, December 21, 2009

Extreme love 3 Chapter 7

Next day. I wake up. Hina is beside me. I get up. I see Hina look really sad. I pat on her head, I out up a cute face and ask her why she so sad

I ask: why are you so sad?

Hina say: I just feel sorry for I slap you yesterday.

I say: I am sorry too.

*I hugged him*

We go to eat breakfast. I see Hina's father.

I say: I am sorry.

Hina's father pat my head and say: It's okay. just don't disappoint us again.

After that. The real spy run back to the other gang. She report in.

Sayaka: How is him?

The spy say: He turned to that side

Sayaka say: What?!

Ino say: You trust the wrong person. even I like him

Sayaka say: Sister. no way she will do that

The spy say: I haven't finish yet. Hina's mother have talked with Ichigo

*The spy say the whole thing and say about the escape thing.

Sayaka and Ino say: That bustard.

Ino say: I really want to share ichigo with me. But he like to be with you more

Sayaka say: Well. you know.

Here is some past. Ino is the boss of the gang and Sayaka is Ino's little sister. they run the gang together and both two of them really like Ichigo.

In other side. I am eating dinner with Hina. They talk a lot and laugh a lot. after dinner. We take shower and go to sleep.

To be continue

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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