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Monday, December 21, 2009

Extreme love 3 chapter 6

Next day. I wake up. I go to eat breakfast. After the breakfast. Hina's father call me into his room. He just left me some book. He tell me to read it. After that. I start to read it. After a while. I understand how it the gang work. Suddenly, There have a girl come in.

The girl say: My name is Takahashi Aika. Sayaka sent me here.

I say: Really?!

Aika say: Come with me. They are waiting in Airport.

We sneak out. But when we walk up to outside. Hina and her man surround us. Suddenly, Aika point a gun at my head. After that, She being me to her father. In the way. i really scared. In the room. Hina's father punch me on the face. i fall in the ground. He put a in knife in front of me. That really scare me. Then, he step on my head.

Hina's father say: Me and my daughter is around the same level as your father and you. I play your father before. He pretty god. beat me a lot. i won't let you beat my daughter and me. You know I just test you. You make me so disappoint. I trust you and you still trying to escape. I give you a warning. if you trying to do that again. I will chop off your hand and both leg.

I say: Yessir

*I walk out*

*Hina come to me*

*SHe slap on my face so hard*

Hina say: You make me so disappoint me. I will not give you anything to eat.

I sadly walk back to my room and go to sleep

To be continue

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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