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Monday, November 16, 2009

Risa love me chapter 8

3 week later. we go back to Japan. we go to the airport. we go on the plane. 1 hour later the plane take off. In the plane. I sleep the whole time. I eat a little bit.

8 hour later. we go back to Japan. we take the taxi to go back to home. 15 minute later. we go back to home. we take a shower and go to sleep

After 1 day. I go meet all my friend and give them present. Everyone say. we bought a lot of cool thing. they really happy about it and it is my birthday today. they buy a cake for me

I say: Thanks you

Risa say: you are welcome. I hope you like it

I say: i like it

*Ai give me a soft smile*

*They start singing*

After the singing. they start eat the cake. I really like the cake. the cake is make of Mango. It is really yummy. It is so full. After that. we take a shower and go to sleep

To be conutinue

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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