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Monday, November 16, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 9

Next day. I wake up. I still have a little fever is like 98. I eat some breakfast and have the pain killer and Pill. I go to sleep. After 3 hour. i wake up. I don't have fever anymore. But my shoulder is still in a pain.

Hina say: Let go out

*Hina drag me to the car*

After 40 minute. she being to a warehouse again and this time. they are buying Drug.... Hina tell me to learn how to check the drug. I see her how she say thing and how she buy the drug. After that. Hina ask me did I learn anything. I didn't answer her.

After that. She being me to see Sayaka.

Sayaka Say: I heard you sick

I say: I am ok now.

*I feed her the dinner*

I whisper: I get a plan. I will sneak out of the house and tell Mariko and Suguri meet me at the beach ok?

Hina whisper back: Ok!!!

After 15 minute. She finish the lunch. I hugged her and go back to Hina's house. Hina go cook again.

*Hina go to the kitchen*

*I go over to Mai*

I say: We will trying to sneak out of the house tonight and meet them in the beach

Mai say: Ok!!!

After 30 minute. The dinner is ready. I go eat. After that I take a shower. After shower. I go sleep with Hina. 2 hour later. Hina sleep so deep. I go to the hallway see Mai. When we are in the entrance. Hina gang already there. Mai get her gun out already start shooting. But we almost out of the entrance. But i get caught. Mai run away.

I Say: Run to the meeting place. I will be fine

Hina say: try to run away.

I say: Why don't you kill me

Hina say: No! I won't

*I just feel so disappointed*

My thinking: I should use my fighting skill to get out of here. But I should Hide it for now. If i need to use it. I use it.

Here is a little past about Ichigo. Ichigo start learning Judo seem 5 year old and he can use he Judo style beat as least 40 guy. But Ichigo one time get betray by her ex-girlfriend and Ichigo fight with the guy that cheat on his ex-girlfriend and Ichigo lost the fight and he say He never use he Judo style again. So he just be a weak guy. But he say that if he need to use it. He use it.

After that. Hina get a phone call and they report to her that Sayaka and the girl that take care of her is the spy and they run away. Hina say you know it from the beginning and you plan out this, I am so angry. She so angry and start kicking me. I didn't fight back just let her kick me. After 2 minute.Hina drag him back to the sleeping room and Continue to sleep. I just can't sleep. But after 3 hour later. I go to sleep

To be continue

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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