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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My girlfriend Erena chapter 14

Next day, I wake up. I eat my breakfast. I go to school... I pick up Erena and we walk to school. After 15 minute we are in the class. 3 class later. we eat our lunch.

*Erena hand me the lunch*

It is some fish and Rice

*I start eat it.*

I say: it is really yummy

*Erena soft smile to me*

*I finish eat the lunch*

*The bell ring*

We go in to the class. the teacher come. After 4 class. we leave the school and I go out with Erena. we go to the beach and look at the sky.

I say: i love you

Erena say: i love you too

*Erena kissed me on the lip*

30 minute later. we go to eat. We go in a sushi resturant. we order a lot of sushi. we eat all of the sushi. that cost me 15500 yen. After that. i walk her to home. In front of her home.

*I kiss her on the lip*

I say: I love you. see you tomorrow

Erena say: Bye Bye

*Erena go back to house*

I walk back to home. and go to sleep

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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