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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 8

Next day. i wake up. My shoulder feel so pain. I go eat a pain killer. But I after that. i run to the washroom and start throwing up and Mai come in and ask what happen. I say I just feel pain and feel sick. Hina come in and put my hand on my head. I go have a fever and I go to see doctor.

The doctor say: you have a really fever and did you eat?

I say: I haven't eat a lot recently.

The doctor say: i will give you some pill and eat more.

Then. I go to get the pill and I go back to the house with Hina. I eat a little bit and I eat the pill and I go to sleep.

After 2 hour. I wake up. Hina make me eat something. I eat a bread. After that. I watch tv a little bit.

Hina say: Are you okay?

I say: Is nothing.

Hina say: that a lie. you scare pain

*I didn't answer it*

I just eat the pain killer and pill and go to sleep. After 1 hour. I wake up. My fever's temperature is still really high is like 105. It is getting worst. I start to feel Dizzy. I eat the dinner. But I don't feel really hungry. But I try to eat all of it. At last. I eat a big half and I eat the pill and go to sleep

To be continue

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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