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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My girlfriend Erena chapter 13

Next day. We decide to handout for the whole day. we go to a tennis court and start playing tennis. We have a lot of fun. But I am not that good at tennis so i always miss. Aftetr that.

Acchan say: We should go buy a drink first.

nacchan say: We should

We go to the drink seller. I buy a C.C.Lemon, Erena buy a coke. Nacchan just buy a normal water and Acchan buy a ice cream. After we finish the drink and ice-cream. We go watch movie. watch 6 movie. It is really good.

I say: All 7 movie is such a good movie.

Nacchan say: Yeah!!! let go to the park and go on some ride

We go to the park go on some rides. we go on 3 ride. it really fun. We play some mini game. I win a big teddy bear for Erena and she is so angry. i see Nacchan face really jealous. I am just pretend I don't see it. After that we go to eat. I order a "Plain ramen" and share with Erena. Acchan order a "beef ramen", Nacchan order a "egg ramen" and Mayuyu order a "Vegetable ramen". The dinner cost us 15000 yen. After that. i walk home with Erena

In font of Erena's house

*Erena give me a kiss on my lip*

*My face turn all red*

I say: Bye! See you tomorrow

Erena say: See you tomorrow

I go back to my home and go to sleep

To be countiune

Story: Mitsu
Made up story

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