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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 7

Next day. My shoulder still hurt. I go down and start eating breakfast. After the breakfast. Hina give me some pain killer to eat. That make my shoulder don't feel any pain. She ask me how I think about stay with Hina. I walk away. She punch me on my shoulder. It is really hurt.

Hina say: Don't walk away

*My tear start dropping*

*Hina laugh at me so hard*

*I walk to the room*

Hina ask: Why are you running from me?

*I didn't answer her*

*I walk away and go to the TV room*

Hina follow me into the room and she drag me to the car. She being me to a book store. She buy a few book that cost her 25000 yen. I buy a book that cost me 1000 yen. After that. we go on the car.

*In the car, I jsut thinking how I run away from home and then into something like this*

After 15 minute. She being me to a spainish resturant. She order something and want to share with me. But I didn't anything because my shoulder is really painful. She ask why I don't eat.

Hina ask: Why don't you eat?

*I never answer back*

*Hina pay the bill*

After the dinner. She being me to see Sayaka. I go in and I get the dinner start to feed Sayaka. She ask me what happen to my shoulder. I tell her is nothing. But Hina tell her everything.

*Sayaka's tear start dropping*

*I hug her and start crying with her*

After 30 minute. We stop crying and we white off each other face. I say I will be ok. She nobbed. I whisper to her I will try again. She say: No. I say this time will be success and i give her a kiss. After that I go back to Hina house and eat a pain killer and go to sleep

To be countiune

Story By: Mitsu
Made up story

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