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Friday, November 13, 2009

Miko and Jyou hand out for 1 day

one day. Miko and Jyou decide to hand out for 1 day. First they go to a shopping mall. Jyou go check out the microphone. so she buy that cost 15000 yen. After that Miko. Miko go check the the guitar. She find a really cool guitar. She buy it cost 20000 yen.

Miko say: I really like look at the guitar.

Jyou say: I like my microphone too

After that. They go to watch movie. The watch 3 horror movie. It really bloody. But the two movie. After that they go to eat some dessert. Jyou eat a lot of chocolate.

Jyou say: It really yummy.

Miko say: I know

After that. they go to the park. go to rides, Play mini game and go in horror house. After that. theygo to the beach playing on the sand. After the sand. they run to water and splash at each other and they swim.

Jyou say: it is really fun

Miko say: It is enough for today. Let go

Jyou say: Okay!!!

They go into a Ramen restaurant. They order the food. Jyou order a "Egg ramen". Miko order a "Beef ramen". They eat it. After the dinner. Jyou walk Miko to home. Jyou give a kiss on Miko's lip. Miko run inside and Jyou go back to her house and go to sleep

To be continue

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story
Jyou is the vocals of Exist trace
Miko is the Guitar of Exist trace

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