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Friday, November 13, 2009

Risa love me chapter 6

Next day. We decide to go to Hawaii for 3 week. we go to the Airport. we go on the plane. 1 hour later. The plane take off. On the plane. we play card. Sleep, eat and joking around. But I sleep most of the time because I am really sleepy. I am a sleepy head. 12 hour later. We arrive to Hawaii's terminal.

I say: We finally in Hawaii

Risa say: Let go to the hotel

Ai say: Then. to the beach

Eri say: yeah!

We go to the hotel. After go into the room. we drop off our package. Then. we run to the beach. we play on the sand. we make a sand castle. After the sand castle. We run down to the water. We swim and splash water to each other. we have a lot of fun

I say: Should we go eat?

Eri say: Yeah! I am hungry

We go to a sushi restaurant. We order the food. start to eat it. We eat a lot. the bill is $350 because we are too hungry. After we go back to the hotel. We take a shower and go to sleep

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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