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Monday, November 9, 2009

Risa love me chapter 5

Next day, We are going to shopping first. I buy some really cute Teddy bear and some music CD. that cost me 4500 yen. Risa buy a cell phone and a camera that cost me 85000 yen. Ai chan buy 3 ribbon, 3 book and DVD. She costed 6500 yen. Eri didn't buy anything

I ask: Why don't you buy anything?

Eri say: I don't feel like to buy anything today.

After that we go to watch movie. We watched Astro boy. It is pretty good and cute. Then, we go to eat. we order a "Plain ramen". I don't feel hungry so i eat really less.

After that we go to a park and we get on some ride. we go on two rollar coaster and we play a lot of mini game and win a lot of cool price. i win a giant teddy bear for Ai.

Ai say: Thanks you

I say: You are welcome

*Ai give me a kiss*

Then. we go to the beach and swim. we swim 2 hour and we play with the sand. It was really fun

Risa say: Let go home. i am tired.

I say: me too

When we get to home. we go to sleep

To be countiune

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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