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Monday, November 9, 2009

My girlfriend Erena chapter 8

Next day. i going to camp with some of my schoool friend for few day. 8:00 I wake up brush my teeth and eat breakfast. 9:00 am Nachan's mom come to pick me up and we drive 3 hour. we are in the camp at 12:00 pm/ The camp is at Fukui. In the camp site. i choose to sleep with Erena.

After the choosing. We go to play some game. we decide play hide and seek. First time is Mayuyu be the catcher. Second round is Erena and thrid round is me. We ahve a lot of fun.

Erena say: What should we do next?

I say: Fishing.

Nacchan say: Nice

Acchan say: okay let go.

Then. we go to the lake. We start fishing. i am a really impatient guy. I always pissed off. But I catch 3 fish and we get a lot of fish. We are really happy. we stay around 3 hour and go back to home and cook dinner. I sit there with Nacchan

Nacchan say: Do you have fun?

I say: I kinda have gun. i feel so hungry.

nacchan say: Me too

After that. The dinner is ready and we eat the dinner, The dinner is realy yummy. i really like it. After the dinner I go take a shower and go to sleep with Erena

to be countiune

Stroy by: Mitsu
Made up story

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