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Monday, November 9, 2009

Extreme 2 chapter 3

Next day. Hina being me a place like Par and she go to a meeting room and tell me to wait outside. I start to wonder what they talking about. 1 hour later. She come out and I ask her what they discuss.

I ask: What are you guys talking about

Hina say: You don't need to know

I say: Please tell me!!! Don't tell me you are going after Sayaka...

*Hina point a gun to me on my head* and she say: You don't need to know.

I go slient. then, She being me to a resturant. we ordered some food. we share the food. I eat really less. She ask me why I need so less.

Hina ask: You not hungry?

I say: Ya. I gues I not hungry.

Hina say: your face don't look so good. scare that I kill Sayaka?

I din't not answer her. She laugh at me and ask Why I like her so much. I don't answer again and she being to a shopping mall. on the way to the mall. i just feel so pissed off.

We shopping for 3 hour. She buy a lot of stuff. Then she beinbg me to a place like a back street and I see two guys and a girl. The girl's body is like get beat up or something like that. I look again. it is Sayaka. I scream and cried.

I shout at Hina: Why you doing this

Hina say: I want to tell you that. if you don't obey me!!! I will kill her.

*I raise my fist and my fist go toward hina*

Suddenly. One of her man point a gun on her head. Hina just have a evil smile on her face. I put my fist down and I jsut tell her I oby her.

Hina say: Good boy. Both of you put her in a safe place and give her food

She being me back to the house and I go to sleep right away.

To be countiune

Write by: Mitsu
Made up story

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