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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aika and Reina handing out for 1 day

One day, Aika and Reina finish their work and they plan to go hand out for a day. Aika ask where will they go.

Aika ask: Where are we going?

Reina say: Shopping, Roller coaster and Watching movie.

Aika say: okay!!! Let go.

First. they go to a park. they go on a roller coaster call "Black out". Inside there. they can't see anything. It is really scary

Aika say: That really scary

Reina say: I know. But it is really fun

Aika say: Let play, the next one

they go on another ride. This time the rollar coaster is call "Extreme speed". the roller coaster is really fast.

Aika say: It is enough for me

Reina say: Okay!!! Let go shopping

Then, they go in to a shopping mall. They go shopping. They shopped 3 ribbon, 2 pair of shoe and 3 Teddy bear. they costed 35000 yen. After the shopping they go with 2 movie. They watch "Up" and "Toy story 3"

Aika say: I really like "Up"

Reina say: i like toy story 3

After the movie. They go eat. They ordered a "Egg ramen" and they shared the food.

Aika say: The food is yummy.

After the dinner. They walk back to home. Reina walked Aika home and Aika give a kiss on Reina's mouth and run back to home. Later, Reina go back her home and go to sleep

the end

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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