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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 2

Next day, I wake up early. Hina being me to the air port. I wonder where are we going. So I ask her.

I ask: Where are we going?

Hina say: We are going back to Tokyo

I say: Why are we going back to tokyo

Hina say: Tokyo is where we come from.

Then, we go in the plane. The plane take off. We in the plane for around 13 hour. I didn't do anything just sleeping.

After 13 hours. we arrive to Tokyo arrice to Hina house. I see her mom and father.

Hina's father say: Why are you still love him

Hina say: It because he cute

Hina's mother say: Well. I think i will let you

Hina's father say: Okay. your mother let you. I let you

Hina look really happy because i can stay. But I think this is bad because I want to be with Sayaka.

Nightime, we eat dinner together and I heard Sayaka go back to the old gang try to save me. Hina look pretty angry...

Hina shout: How dare her.

I say: Just let me go

*Hina punched me in the face*

Hina say: No!!! You are mine

Then. we keep eating our dinner, Watch tv, bath together and go to sleep.

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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