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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 1

One year later. we living peacefully in seaside, oregan. We opened a cafe. Sayaka is the boss. I am the cooker. We live happily. But we find out Hina been after us for a while. I heard my friends say there been after us for a year now and I heard Hina's gang expand their company to this side. The purpose is after us. I discuss this with Sayaka

I Say: What should we do. She is here

Sayaka say: Who is here?

I say: Hina.

Sayaka say: This is bad. She might come after you.

Suddenly. There have some people come in. I go check it out. It is Hina

Hina Shout: I know you two is inside there somwhere.

Hina commend her gang member to search for us inside. We trying to hide from them. But at last they find us and we start to run. They chase after us.

Hina say: You are lucky to run away 1 year ago and now you will not run away.

They keep chasing and shot at us and I get hit on the right leg. But we still running after 10 minute. i can;t run anymore. I can't run anymore and we get caught.

Hina say: Can't run anymore?

Then there the police come and Hina drag me away and I see Sayaka successfully run away. We seprate one more time. She drag me in to the car.

Hina say: I won't kill you!!! I will make you mine. you are too cute.

She put a collar on my neck and the collar it can electricshock people. So I can't run away. I wonder where Sayaka go. Trying to get me back?

I ask: Why do you come after us and How long you know I am in here?

Hina say: i know this seem 1 year ago. I ahve spy on other clan.

I ask: Are you angry at me?

Hina say: I really angry at you. But if you are good. I will treat you good.

I start to sweat.

Hina ask: you look really scare of me?

I didn't answer her. She laugh at me and say I am useless. But she say I have a cute and childish face. I go back to her house and she make me sleep with her. I know that if I don't be good. i will dead. so i have to try to make her happy...

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
made up story

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