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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 4

Next day, I am feel so sad. I can't go anywhere. i just want to go to see Sayaka. I ask Hina to let me see Sayaka.

I ask: Can i go see Sayaka?

Hina say: No! not now. We are going to eat

I say: I don't want to car.

Hina say: You have to eat and you have to listen to me! you know what happen if you don't listen.

*Hina drag me in to the car*

After 15 minute. Hina being me to a Italian restaurant. She order a "Salad" and a "chicken soup".She tell me to. But I didn't eat. I not really feel hugry. She eat all the food. I never talk to her in the whole time.

I ask: Can I go see Sayaka now?

Hina say: No!!! Stop asking

*thinking about Morning Musume- Shounenganai Yume oibito*

After that she being me to a karoke place and she start singing "Guardian 4- party time"

Pa Pa Pia
Pa Pa Pia
pa Pa Pia

You make me a sweet girl

Pa Pa pia
Pa Pa Pia
Pa Pa Pia

yume mitai

After few hour. She stop singing and just start drinking and I ask her is it time to go to see Sayaka.

I ask: Can I go see Sayaka now?

Hina say: Ok!!! It is time

*On the way, i am thinking of the song Morning Musume- Naichou Kamo*

She hide Sayaka in a house that look really old. I run inside and people say she not eating. I grab the food and I start feed her and I cry while she is eating. She put her hand on my face and tell me to stop crying and she white off my tear on my face. After 15 minute. She finish her dinner and Hina tell me to go. I hugged her.

On the way to Hina's house I see Hina's face look really angry. I just thinking of when Sayaka eating that look. I can't hold my tear. I cried out. But when I think of Sayaka tell me stop crying. i stop crying and white off the tear off my face. After 20 minute. I back to Hina's house. I take a shower, Brush my teeth and go to sleep.

To be continue

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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