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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 5

Next day. I wake up. I find out Hina take off all my shirt and pant and do something with my body. I run off the bed. I really angry at her. I call her wake up and ask what she do to me.

I ask: What you do to me

hina say: you are too cute

*Hina is touching my private part*

*I push her hand away*

*Hina hugged me*

Hina say: Don't be shy

I say: I don't like it! Please don't do that again

Hina say: Fine! I will killl her

I say: No please. I will listen to you

Hina say: Good boy

After that. I go take a shower. i eat breakfast with her. The breakfast is some rice and a soup. After we finish the breakfast. She being me to a shopping mall. But this time she shop stuff for me. She buy a hair bang for my head and she make me wear it right away. She make my hair like Antic cafe- Bou. The hair band have two long ear like rabbit. Then, she buy a shirt and I wear it too.

After that. she being me to go to see Sayaka. I see her is starting to look really skinny. I start to feed her. She say I look cute today. My tear start dropping again. Sayaka tell stop crying like a baby.

I say: You have to eat. I don't want to see you getting skinny

Sayaka say: okay.

*I hugged Sayaka*

Hina whisper to me say: The other gang have some spy in Hina's house and they will help you get out of there

*She give me the information*

After that. We go back to Hina's house and start think of a plan to get out of here with the spy and save Sayaka. Hina say she will be cooking today. She walk to the kitchen and she start cooking and I go over to the spy.

I say: I know you three is the spy. Can you help me.

Spys say: Yes! We are. I am Saugri. She is Mai and Suguri.

I say: Can two of you ask to go to Sayaka's hide out to protect her.

Suguri say: Ok. we will try.

Then, they go over to Hina and ask to go to take care Sayaka

Suguri say: Can we and Mariko go to the hostage's house.

Hina say: you come ask the the right time. Those two over there say Sayaka is hard to take care. You two girl can go over there. you two go switch with the people over there.

Mariko say: Yes.

I feel really happy. Just thinking of one step closer to get out of here. Hina say the dinner is ready. I run over and start eating the food. The food is some beef, fish and noodle. The soup is miso soup. The food is tasty because I am really happy today. After the dinner. i go take a bath and go sleep with Hina

To be continue

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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