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Monday, November 23, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 12

Next day. I wake up. My hand still really hurt. I go down the stair and try to use my left hand to eat. But still too hard. I drop the dish. I start feel really pissed off. Then, Hina come down and she start feed me.

Hina say: It your hand still hurt?

*I didn't answer*

Hina say: Don't be like that.

After that. She being me to the car. we get on the car and she order the driver to drive us to Kyoto. I wonder why we have to go to Kyoto.

I ask: why we go to kyoto?

Hina say: I just want spent time with you

*I didn't answer*

After 2 hour and a half. we are in Kyoto. we go in to a Hotel and we rent a room. we put the thing inside. After that. She being me to see the famous "Kyoto castle". I see it. It look really cool

Hina ask: How is it?

*I didn't answer*

Hina ask: What if I own this place?

*I didn't answer again*

Hina say: You are not answering again. Oh well. I am going to own this castle. It cost me 100,005,0 yen. But is worth it.

*I didn't answer

After that. She being me to a restaurant. we order some food. We share it. I eat a little. After that I go back to the hotel. Take a shower and go to sleep

To be continue

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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