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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Risa love me chapter 2

After that. I start think why she ask me to date with her.

I ask "Why you want to date with me."

Risa say "you look really cute so i want to date with you."

I say "ummmm... okay. Where you want to eat?"

Risa say" I want to go fo sushi." I nobbed.

Then. We go into a sushi resturant. I start to see her use a phone try to take picture of me.

I ask "Why are you taking picture of me."

Risa say "I want to always see your cute little childish face." My face turn red

I say "You should putit down and start order."

We order some sushi and a egg reman. After ordering. i see her take out her phone again.

I say" you should stop."

Risa say" Come on. you say after I order the food I can take it out."

I say" This is not the right time. Please stop." Risa nobbed.

Suddenly! Risa licked my face. I was really susprised. my face turn so red. Then, She give me a killer wick.

I say" Please stop."

Risa say" Sorry! I just so in love with you."

later the food come and we start eat it. i think the food is tasty. After 35 minute later. We finish the food, I pay 20000 yen

Risa ask" Want to come to my house."

I Say" Sure."

In the way. I see Risa eye try to the girl to stay away from me.

I ask" What are you doing!?"

Risa say" you are too cute. I don't want you to get steal."

I say "I never cheat on other girl."

Risa say" I heard that you get two most popular girl as your girlfriend."

I say" how do u know? Is really hard to date them at first."

Risa say" you don't need to know."

After we arrive to the apartment. I enter in her house. I don't believe what I saw in her house. It is full of Disneyland dolls.

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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